May 2016 Neighborhood Rides

Join us on our first rides this year as we explore two of the city’s neighborhoods. First is the area that straddles Georgetown St. on the north side. Second is the area on the city’s east side along Prospect St. and nearby roads. Each is a five-mile route that never crosses any busy roads. These rides are for everyone interested in riding. pen to all ages but no training wheels please. Youth under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Helmets are expected for all riders.

We will provide energy bars and bottled water for all.

Here is a link to our flyer for the rides.  Neighborhood Ride Flyer

Here is a link to the map for the May 22 North Rec Neighborhood Ride.  Georgetown 5 miles

Here is a link to the map for the May 29 East Rec Neighborhood Ride  East Rec 5 Mile Loop