What AreThe Five Es?

The Five Es are a collection of areas in which most bicycle advocacy groups work.

These stand for Engineering, Education, Enforcement, Encouragement, and Evaluation.

Working with these elements began a few decades ago and they were developed into a structure of work mainly by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB). LAB is the original organization for bicyclists, having its beginnings in 1888, when cycling was first born. Ever since, LAB has been in the forefront of all cycling-centric activities, fighting for better roads initially then better laws and better standards for production. We are very much in debt to the work done by all those who preceded in this effort.

LAB still is very active in promoting these same five elements of quality development for cyclists. LAB also offers awards to communities, business, and universities for how well they work toward certain standards of bicycle-friendliness. In Ohio, a similar organization, the Ohio Bicycle Federation, does similar work, specifically for Ohio.

One of the pages accessible here is a “quick list” of questions to self-assess your city for bicycle-friendliness. We will be using that list to develop much of our course of work over the next number of years. Some of the questions are answered and achieved fairly easily, while some require quite a bit of work.

For more information on the Five Es, check the links for the two information items listed under Resources. One is the explanation, the other is the actual quick list assessment.

If you become very involved with Bike Elyria, these terms will be used frequently.