Tell me about Bike Elyria

Thanks for asking.

Short answer is that we do not really know yet. Well, we do have a big bunch of ideas about how we see it developing. You can read in our literature we talk about things like the Five Es. These are important aspects of what we all need to work on in order to make Elyria more Bicycle-Friendly.

Bike Elyria is an advocacy organization. This means we advocate for making things better for bicyclists in any way we can. that’s also where those Five Es come in. But we are not in this alone. We stand beside our city’s government – the administration, the engineering department, the police department, the street department and the recreation department, plus any other that becomes involved with our goals. We are like the first line of infantry doing some of the “grunt work” needed to get a job done.

Bike Elyria is a young organization. We originated in January of 2016. Our original group of leaders includes people who just happen to have a strong interest in bicycling and doing more of it, plus working to get others involved. This initial group we are calling a steering committee, for lack of a better term. we were not elected so we cannot really be called “officers”. But we have taken on the task of ‘steering’ the organization in a direction that makes sense.

Our brochure tells a lot of what we hope to do in the near future. Some of that work is behind the scenes and some of it is very public, with families and the whole community involved.

Bike Elyria is also a cousin to Invest Elyria. the two organizations have a friendly relationship to work together because we have some common goals – to make our great city an even greater city.

Check out our pages on the Five Es under Resources for more information about the real work we will be doing. We hope you will find a place in those lines of work with us.