Elyria Bike Coop is about to take off

The following is taken from the May 26 Face Book page of Bike Elyria:

Getting closer by the hour to setting up shop, so to speak. We expect we will be in a location next week.

In a post from yesterday we mentioned a wish list would be available for anyone wanting to help us get started. That list is accessible here. You can print out the file.

Note that if you have something you would rather loan to the project, that can be arranged also. we would label the item as to its original owner and if/when you need it returned all we do is make that happen. We appreciate any support offered.

The list is lengthy because we are basically starting from scratch with next to nothing. If you have any questions you can contact Ed Stewart for help. We are not quite ready today to receive items but probably next wee will.

Donations of goods or other assets are tax deductible. We are a non-profit 501 c 3 education organization.

We will of course be accepting good used bicycles and accessories soon – but not yet (no place to house them yet). More information on that will be forthcoming probably next week.

Thank you for the support you have offered. Friends of Bikers are the best!

Here is a link to the Wish List…   Wish list

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