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Bullocks Parkway Bridge Closed 4-17 to 5/8

The Lorain County Engineer announced in today’s Chronicle that bridge work on the Leo Bullocks Industrial Parkway (2nd and 3rd Streets) will be closed for maintenance work. Passage is closed to all vehicles, including bikes.

We have a good alternate route to use from the parking lot on Gateway at Woodford. This uses Woodford then garden St. then Infirmary Rd. then Murray Ridge Rd. then Albrecht over to the bike trail. This sounds like a messy alternate but it is flatter – you do not have to climb the bridge overpass. You also avoid riding illegally going against traffic in the bike lane when heading west on Third Street.

Another option is to use the parking lot at Butternut Ridge Road as your starting-ending point. This was created last season by the Lorain County Metro Parks and is pretty nice. There are other routes of course but most seem to like these the best.

Here is a printable file showing the alternate route. the green line is the bike trail, the dotted blue line is the alternate route.

Another option on weekends would be to use the parking lot at Murray Ridge School on Murray Ridge Road, just south of Albrecht Rd. The trail is less than a mile from there, on Albrecht.


Public Meetings For Lorain County Connectivity

Coming up soon (April 29 and May 4) are public meetings for your input on important developments for our county. In particular, this is your chance to tell those who make changes that we need more bikeways in the county. Not just along the lake shore, which is good, but also that we have very poor north-south connections in the county.

Try to attend at least one of these sessions. Bring your friends and fellow bikers. Squeaky wheels get the most attention you know.

HereĀ are links to the information:

TLCI – Lorain County Lakefront Connectivity Plan Update

TLCI Public Meeting Notice 4-29, 5-4

Spring 2017 Calendar

Bike Elyria has filled up our spring calendar like never before. For most of April and May we are offering rides at two per week – once during the week and once on weekends. There are some exceptions but that is our goal. And mixed in with the ride are some Bike Safety Checks and a few other activities offered to special groups.

Here is a file of the schedule you can print for your own use.

2017 Spring Schedule April-May final