New Bike Class on Cold Weather Riding and Riding at Night

With fall upon us and cooler weather reminding that more changes are on the way, we felt it is time to have a fall class to help those of you who want to extend your love of cycling from just a warm weather and daytime activity to one you can enjoy just about anytime.

So, we put together a class to cover both cooler weather biking and how to ride safely in the dark times of day.

The class is coming up soon, like in a couple of weeks. A flyer is floating around somewhere through town but one is also accessible here, with a click:  cold-weather-flyer

The flyer says you can register here online. Okay, all you have to do is send an email to this address and let us know who you are. Send to: Don’t worry about prepaying – you can pay at the door.

As you can see, there is no cost for the class to members of BE and only $5 for non-members. And we will have a drawing for a nifty hi-output bike headlight valued at over $50. Yes, you have to be there to win.

So, what all will be talked about in this class? Hoo, baby, there is a lot to go over if this topic is new to you. Here is a basic starter list of topics that will be covered:

Cool Weather Topics

Clothing to wear at different temperatures; foot coverings and socks; knee protection and when that is necessary; when do you need longer pants or tights; are gloves enough and what kind and when; heat loss through your head; protect your eyes too; necking on a bike; lips get cold and need help; nosy people sniffle; and what about your gut. And for your bike – Same water bottle? How to clean your bike in the winter; any better cold weather lubes?

Night Riding Topics

Why would you ever ride at night? Clothing needs; reflectors? How strong of a headlight do you need? Watts vs lumens; tail lights; steady or blinking lights? What do the laws require? Light up your helmet; how does traffic behave at night; any difference between country and city riding at night? halogen vs LED; carry spare what?

Feel free to bring your own headlight and tail light and any other item you use in cold weather or when riding at night to compare with the samples we will have at the program.

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