Monthly Archives: July 2016

West Park Ride

Our goal for this first season was to offer neighborhood rides all over town. Some parts of town pose real challenges for routing because of how the streets are laid out and how busy some areas are with traffic. We prefer our neighborhood rides to be easy, short, and good for about all levels od riders.

Here we have our West Side with a start from West Park Recreation Center. We will travel some nice neighborhoods that a lot of Elyrians never see. And we will follow along some older roads that have been closed off because of other advances, like bigger highways.

About midway we will stop for an ice cream break. With the weather as hot and humid as it has been these last few days, this will be welcomed by all riders.

We will ride a short ways on a busier stretch of West River Road but as you will learn, Elyria’s motorists are pretty well behaved and respectful.

Save the map to use any time.

West Park 6.5 mi.