In June We Hit The Trails

For the handful of members we’ve come to know so far it has been a nice spring, albeit fraught with lack of predictability and warmth. but once the end of may finally came around, so did the heat and our bike season began.

We had only two rides in May, both exploring the neighborhoods of our fair city. While we rode I heard often how we saw streets and communities that seemed new to us, regardless how long we’ve been residents. We rode 5 miles along the side streets that cross or parallel Georgetown Ave. and then we rode the college-named streets on the east side. It was interesting to see how some streets are in good surface condition while others required us to practice some of our quick steering.

With those two rides under our saddles we next are forging out to the trails in our area. Two events are scheduled: Sunday, June 5 and Saturday, June 11. With these rides our style changes slightly – we will still move at a slow to moderate pace, determined by the slowest among us, plus we will be mainly on trails so we can include some kids to ride along, too.

Here are the details as we know them for the two rides coming up:

Sunday, June 5, 1 pm. Bur Oak Park (Black River Reservation, Lorain County Metroparks). If you have never been to Bur Oak before, this is reachable off of Ford Road which runs between Gulf Road and West River Road by Midway Mall. It is down in the valley and the Black River runs adjacent to it. We will meet close to the first pavilion near the parking lot. A brief safety talk will occur for trail etiquette. Free bottled water and energy bars will be available after the ride. From this part of the trail one can ride on into Lorain, about 5 miles one way, with one hill to conquer going up to the days Dam Park on W. 31st St. From there the trail continues through an interesting area of the old steel mill yards along the Black river, with great views along the way.

If you have a little one along who will not be able or willing to ride the full distance, you can still get in about a 5 mile ride by turning around just before the hill. Kids love this trail – it is wide and scenic with a few areas to check out the river a bit closer.

Saturday, June 11, 1 pm. Elyria City Hall Parking Lot. (City Hall is accessed only from Second St., which is a one-way street going west.) From here we will take 2nd St. to the bike trail to Oberlin. One way this is about 8 miles. Once in Oberlin we will stop for a bite at McDonald’s and then decide what to do next. One option is to continue on the trail to Kipton (another 6 miles one way) or return to Elyria or stop to see Swerve Bike Shop. Lots of options so we might be a broken up group after a snack at McD’s.

Kids are very welcome again but they will need to be able to make the entire trip or return with their parent/guardian on their own. Training wheels are allowable on this and the Bur Oak event but the child must be able to complete the trip or turn back with their adult.

Because our group might get broken up with so many options we may not have energy bars and bottled water available. Look for more details closer to the event.

These events are free to all. Non-members must sign a waiver to participate; children under age 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

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